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Drain Cleaning in Des Moines

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Our Drain Services

Drain Cleaning

Learn more about our Drain Cleaning services.

Drain Repair

Learn more about our Drain Repair services.

Hydro Jetting

Learn more about our Hydro Jetting services.

Camera Inspection

Learn more about our Camera Inspection services.

Drain Auger

Learn more about our Drain Auger services.

Drain Locating

Learn more about our Drain Locating services.

Drain Camera Inspection

A drain camera inspection is a great way to get a deeper look into your plumbing. Our team of certified technicians can find issues that are causing you problems as well as minor things that could become big problems in the future.

Drain Locating Service

When a plumbing issue occurs and you need to locate a specific underground line, we are the experts you need.  We use a transmitter that places a signal on our cable for line tracing and depth estimation.  Using this information, we can pinpoint the exact location of your underground line.

Hydro Jetting

Hydro jetting is the process of cleaning a plumbing pipes system with water that uses high pressure.  The process, which is used by professionals, can remove build-up inside pipes and help to keep plumbing systems clean.  

Drain Auger

Our power auger service uses a machine with a flexible steel cable that rotates through your pipes with an attached blade. The blade dislodges blockages inside your pipes. It is a fast and economical way to clear tough clogs.

Drain Repair

Homeowners and plumbing professionals often have mixed feelings about drain repairs. They can be simple, straightforward, and require the replacement of a part—or they could be lengthy and require the removal, repair, or replacement of an entire section of plumbing and pipe.

Types of Drain Lines We Service:

  • Main Sewer Lines 
  • Kitchen Sinks 
  • Tubs & Shower’s 
  • Floor Drains 
  • Toilets/Urinals
  • Mop Sinks 
  • Bar Sinks  
  • Grease Lines 
  • Washing Machine Lines

Preventative Maintenance Plans

If you’re a home or business owner in need of drain cleaning, don’t wait for a major clog to wreck your pipes and cost you countless in lost savings and revenue. 

For $59.99, we can send a professional drain cleaning tech to inspect your drains and present you with different, comprehensive cleaning options/packages.  Call today, and keep your drains clean and clear for a long time to come!

Why Do Drains Clog?

When the drain clogs, the most common reason is because something like food or waste gets stuck somewhere in the pipe. More often than not, however, it’s not just a single object. Sometimes, it’s a conglomerate of stubborn, sticky buildup congealing to the walls of your pipes. When it gets this bad, severe pipe damage and disjointing can also easily cause clogs.

There are many substances that clog pipes and are always a problem. They include:

  • Sediment
  • Rust
  • Soap scum
  • Grease, Oil, and Fat (FOG)
  • Coffee grounds and other sticky food remains
  • Sludge and grime
  • Tree roots growing through a sewer line
  • Pipe dislocations or damage

Why Should I Get Professional Drain Cleaning?

Plunging can be a reliable method of clearing away clogs, but it is not able to address the root cause. For example, if there is a grease buildup in your kitchen drain, plunging will clear the clog but not the grease itself. It can also push other materials down the drain and do nothing about that.

It’s easy to unknowingly make clogs worse if you don’t know what you’re doing. Even worse, some problems—such as tree roots, sediment, or rust—can inflict permanent harm on your pipes if left alone. Thankfully, professional drain cleaning is a reliable solution to clogs and their underlying causes.

How Does Drain Cleaning Work?

Professional drain cleaning involves the removal of material buildup off of walls and in pipes. It could be as simple as a plumber’s snake, or it could involve high-pressure hydro-jet nozzles. However, it’s not always this simple. Auto-rooting technology is sometimes necessary. We have a variety of tools to clear your pipes and keep them working reliably for years to come.

When you need your drain cleaned, Clogbusters professionals will bring all the necessary equipment to do the job. With this inspection, we know exactly what to do with the cleanliness of your pipes. We keep an eye on everything in your pipe and make sure it is clean from any buildup that could have been there.

So if you’re in need of top drain cleaning in Des Moines, reach out to Clogbusters today and let’s get you the services you deserve! Call now!

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