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Sewer Repair in Des Moines

Repairing Sewers is What We Do — And We're Good At It, Too

It’s a dirty job—but somebody’s gotta do it. 

When it  comes to sewer repair in Des Moines and the neighboring areas, we’re the go-to pros.  Whether it’s a quick fix or an intensive project, you can rest assured that when a Clog Busters plumber shows up to your door, we’re coming with a real solution. 

Why?  Well, for one—believe it or not—we actually enjoy doing this work.  It’s what we’ve spent our lives doing, and when it comes to solving plumbing problems, that’s kind of our calling. 

More importantly, we think it’s an honor to be able to put our services for use for the communities we serve.  Whether we’re performing sewer repair in Des Moines, or a plumbing inspection in Urbandale, no matter where we are, no matter what we’re doing, we love fixing people’s problems.  

So — do you need Des Moines sewer repair?  How about some other related service in some other place? If so, we’re the people for you. Just reach out through our website, or call us at our offices, and we can be at your home within the day!

Do you need top-notch sewer services in Des Moines, and do you need them now? Reach out to the professionals at Clog Busters today, and book your service!

Lightning Fast Sewer Repair

Something happened. You don’t know what, you don’t know how, but you know it happened, and you know it involves your sewer line — which means you need someone to come over and take a look at it, ASAP. 

We’re on our way! Our experienced plumbing teams offer 24/7 sewer repair in Des Moines and many of the communities around it!  Just give us a call or contact us through our website, and we can be there before you know it to tackle the problem!

Don’t postpone reach out to Clog Busters now!

So, when is sewer repair necessary?

There are a couple of tell-tale signs when it comes to sewer repair.  Now, not all of these mean that you’ll need a full-scale and intensive repair—it could just be something small. 

However, it’s always best in these cases—especially if you see some of these signs—to call a professional plumber and have your line inspected.  If you don’t, there’s a good chance that small problem could turn into something real big in a real hurry.

Some signs include:

  • Multiple drains backing up
  • Sewage odors outside the home
  • Strange lawn patches

The first sign—multiple drains backing up—is a common sign for any plumbing fixture problem, not just sewer lines.  The other two, however, are definite signs of a faulty sewer line. Lawn patches in particular, where the lawn may look greener than usual in odd areas, can be a sign of sewage leaking into and accidentally fertilizing your lawn. 

While that’s not the worst problem the have visually-speaking, it can become toxic in a hurry, and dangerous if left untreated.

How We'll Repair Your Sewer

Sewer repair isn’t necessarily easy, but we’ve been doing it for quite some time.  That means we have a tested strategy that we deploy most every time we do a repair job.  It is as follows:

  • We’ll arrive at your property, and you can point out to us the problem areas that have been affecting you.
  • Our team will assess the area and, using locating equipment, will pinpoint the exact problem and decide how best to solve it.
  • Once a solution has been determined, we get to work. This process could be relatively short, or it could take a longer period of time, depending on the severity of what we find.
  • Regardless, we’ll find a way to fix it. Once we do, we can tell you what we did and how we did it.
  • The problem resolved, we’re off to the next person who needs our help!

Explore Our Other Services: Sewer Line Installation

Did you just move in, and you found out your sewer system is less than… well, complete?  Or maybe you’re renovating, and decided you need an upgrade? 

We’re here to help! We don’t just do sewer line repair—we can help you install a brand new line too!  If you’re interested in how we do it, head on over to our Sewer Line Installation Page, and see what we can do for you!

Don’t delay — get in touch with Clog Busters for experienced Des Moines sewer repair,  today!

Sewer Repair Proudly Serving Des Moines

No one wants to think about what goes on down in their sewer; and that goes double for having to deal with it.  

That’s why you have us!  Our professional plumbers are here to take care of all your sewer repair needs, from Des Moines, to Waukee, and beyond!  We use tried-and-true technology, plus a few decades of experience, and get to work on fixing your sewer line. 

By the way, when we say fixing, we mean fixing—we don’t mean “fixing”. Our passion is helping members of our community find real solutions to their problems, and that’s what we do on every call we respond to.  

So—do you need someone to come and take a look at your sewer line? Or how about a general plumbing inspection?  Maybe the kitchen sink is backing up again, and you just don’t know why? 

We’re only a phone call or message away! Reach out to our offices today—we can’t wait to solve your problem!

For top-quality sewer services, trust the experts at Clog Busters. Contact us today to schedule your service!

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Our Des Moines busters are dedicated, thorough, honest, and most importantly, they know what it takes to get a job done right.  After being in this industry for so long, we know you don’t deserve any less. 

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